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Central Procurement Organization CPO LT

Efficient and Effective, Transparent and Professional Public Procurement

Since 1 January, 2013 the Central Procurement Organisation (CPO LT) is in charge of centralised purchases on behalf of contracting authorities at both national and local levels.

CPO LT mission – to ensure the rational, transparent and efficient use of public funds and administrative resources through centralised public procurement and procurement carried out by entities operating in Water Management, Energy, Transport or Postal Services and Multi-apartment Buildings Modernization sectors.

CPO LT vision – to be the leading procurement organization in Lithuania providing the most professional centralised public procurement solutions.

The number of categories of goods, works or services available in CPO LT e-catalogue has increased from 14 to 71 in the period of 2013 – 2021.

Since 2013 it has been a fivefold increase of conducted contracts in CPO LT e-catalogue with total purchasing volume of a twofold increase.

Centralised public procurement is conducted either concluding a framework agreement or using Dynamic Purchasing System.

Electronic Purchasing Centre (EPC) has been launched to create the most favourable conditions for the implementation of multi-apartment building renovation (modernization) programme where associations of multi-family apartment house owners, administrators, economic entities with non-contracting authority status are able to procure construction services efficient, fast and transparent likewise through public procurement.

According to 2019 Public Procurement Office data, seven central purchasing organisations now operating in Lithuania have conducted contracts with a total purchasing volume of €386, 2 million. Most of the volume – €316, 2 million (81,75%) was handled over CPO LT e-catalogue. This result deservingly indicates that CPO LT plays a leading role in central public procurement at the moment.

We aim for results by conducting transparent e-procurement system thereby eliminating any corruption possibilities and increasing higher competition among suppliers (there are 860 registered suppliers). Contracting authorities therefore are able to assess the savings in time, money (€67.9 million per year ) and human resources deriving from the process streamlining.

97,5 %  of contracting authorities trust our work and refer us as transparent and reliable organization.

We are deeply committed to our work and always strive to find the best solutions for thousands of contracting authorities in the public sector and municipal institutions.

Do you have any questions? Make a phone call +370 666 29097, to the employee responsible for it or write us.